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Former NC State Senator Fred Hobbs this week pleaded guilty to charges stemming from illegal campaign donations he made to prominent North Carolina Democrats including former Senator Marc Basnight and Governor Beverly Perdue.   Mr. Hobbs joins the illustrious Rusty ‘I thought my cat could contribute’ Carter in the club of North Carolina elites who committed campaign finance fraud in the name of helping their friends in Raleigh.  But were they just helping their friends?  Or was there a quid pro quo?  We’ll never know.  Both Mr. Carter and his wife were appointed by the Governor to the Board of Trustees at UNC.  Mr. Hobbs’ engineering firm has been the recipient of millions in grants from various North Carolina boards and commissions.  The  system we have in North Carolina for doling out appointments and money to political favorites is a fertile breeding ground for corruption.

Both Hobbs and Carter used their employees as straw men to make political campaign donations to Marc Basnight and Beverly Perdue and others over the course of a decade. The employees were reimbursed for their donations.  Hobbs was fined a record (more…)


Former State Senator Fred Hobbs admitted today that he illegally funneled money through his employees to the campaigns of Marc Basnight, Governor Perdue and others.  Hobbs, one of the principles of the engineering firm Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, was fined $150,00 by the State Board of Elections this morning.  This afternoon, criminal charges were filed by the local District Attorney.   The charges are only misdemeanors which means he’s facing the frightening punishment of a slap on the wrist.  Chewing bubble gum during catechism class will get you a harsher punishment than Hobbs will get.

We now have two prominent businessmen who illegally funneled money to Basnight and Perdue through their employees.  Will Marc Basnight continue to deny he knew nothing of this scheme?  Is it just a coincidence that (more…)

Star News Online is reporting that Rusty Carter, owner of Atlantic Packaging, was fined $100,000 today by the State Board of Elections for his illegal campaign donation scheme. Mr. Carter, if you will remember, gave bonuses to his employees with the expectation (more…)

You may have recently read that Marc Basnight has had to return $84,000 in illegal campaign contributions.  Basnight, along with Governor Perdue and Senator Julia Boseman, received contributions from employees of Atlantic Corp that were actually donations from Rusty Carter, the owner of Atlantic Corp, who funneled the money to his employees as bonuses with the expectation that they would contribute the funds to these honorable politicians.  Click here to read about Rusty Carter’s conviction.  The story, I believe, does not end there.

It does please me to no end to know that a little old blogger can ferret out wrongdoing and people will be brought to justice.  You’ll remember that I blogged about these campaign contributions here, long before they were made public.  Now let’s see if we can get the State Board of Elections to take a look at the donations to Basnight from (more…)

NC GOP Chair Tom Fetzer announced on March 23rd that he had found some unusual contributions made to Senator Basnight from Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, donations similar to the potentially unlawful contributions made by employees of Atlantic Corp.  Readers of this blog are fully aware of my numerous posts on the donations made by Atlantic Corp and Hobbs Upchurch to Marc Basnight.  I bit my tongue when Fetzer called for an investigation into contributions from Atlantic Corp to Governor Perdue.   Mainly because I had not reported on the Perdue contributions, only those given to Basnight.  But the press conference on March 23rd about the Hobbs contributions (more…)

On Friday, Governor Beverly Perdue returned $48000 in donations from Atlantic Corp because of the possibility that the donations were illegal. The donations, you may recall from my November post, were made by officers of Atlantic Corp all on the same day for the maximum amount of $4000.  The NC State Board of Elections is investigating whether the employees were reimbursed for their contributions. On Saturday, Marc Basnight asked the NC State Board of Elections how to handle the donations that he received from Atlantic Corp. which may also have been illegal. (more…)

In the last election cycle, the largest contributor to Congressman Walter Jones’ campaign was a company by the name of Emergent BioSolutions.  Mr Faud El-Hibri, President of Emergent BioSolutions, and his family contributed $11,500 to Jones in 2008.  They contributed another $4,600 in 2009.  Emergent BioSolutions is the maker of BioThrax, an Anthrax vaccine.  In October 2008, Emergent won a $364 million contract (more…)

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