Democrat Republican Congressman Walter Jones has come out in support of a key part of President Obama’s so-called Jobs Bill.  In a September 16th interview, Jones voiced strong support for Obama’s proposal to spend billions more taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects.

From the Sept 16th interview:

Focusing on infrastructure and his thoughts on President Obama’s job plan, to put people back to work, repairing things like bridges, the congressman notes he would be willing to support investing in infrastructure:

“I do believe that if you have an investment of the tax payer’s money into infrastructure and nothing but infrastructure, I think that is what we should support because the American people can see the work being done on our road, our bridges, our water systems and things like that. Then when you can show the American people look how we’re spending your money and look how you benefit from the spendingThey buy into that.  I would.  You would.”

These remarks (more…)


Budget time is just around the corner.  As our local and County Commissioners ponder whether they’ll try and stick us with another tax increase, let’s take a quick look at the size and pay of our local government.

Employment figures put out by the NCESC show that local governments in Dare County have not yet come to grips with the fact that it’s time to tighten the old belt.  Employment and wages in the private sector have suffered while our local governments plod merrily along, feeling no pain.

Since 2006, private sector employment in Dare County has decreased (more…)

In a recent interview with WTKR, Republican Dare County Commissioner Mike Johnson declared, “I’m a conservative Republican and hate taxes…” Anyone familiar with Commissioner Johnson’s record on taxes would know that Johnson is taking a few liberties here. The record shows that Commissioner Mike Johnson has twice voted for County budgets that include property tax increases.

His first vote for a property tax increase came in 2006 when the property tax was raised 1 cent per $1,000 value. Then last year, Commissioner Mike Johnson voted for a 2 cent property tax increase. If this is how a conservative Republican governs, I’d hate to see what kind of increases we’d have if he was not conservative.

Will Johnson try and shore up his conservative bona-fides by opposing a tax increase this year?  I predict not.  I think he’ll try for one more tax increase to give himself a cushion for the 2012 budget.  Then in 2012, he’ll ‘get serious’ about cutting spending.  That’s when we’ll see his conservative side.  Until then, expect politics as usual.

The House voted on Friday to cut $60 billion out of this year’s budget. The vote passed with only three dissenting Republicans. Predictably, Walter Jones was one of those three.

News reports are not specific on why Jones voted against the will of the people. One reason may be Jones’ reported support for (more…)

The deal reached between the GOP and the White House to temporarily extend the Bush-era tax cuts is a big fat compromise.  It includes a few conservative ideas but they are offset by too many liberal goodies.  Ultimately, this will hurt the GOP and Obama knows it.  He may be an idiot but he’s no political fool.  He didn’t want tax rates to go up but now he’s got the GOP’s fingerprints on the gun he’s using to shoot our economy.  They are now an accessory to the crime.

What do you think?  Read about all the measures in the compromise bill and sound off on the OBX Tea Party Blog

Predictably, our politically transgendered Congressman, Walter Jones, has voted with the Democrats to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to only selective Americans, effectively raising taxes for everyone else. Three Republicans voted for it and twenty Democrats voted against it. Walter is bluer than the Blue-Dog Democrats!

The bill would extend the Bush-era tax cuts to people making less than $250,000. It will raise taxes on everyone else, including investors who will see a 30% increase (more…)

Congressman Walter Jones, NC-3, does not support HR 4646, which would impose a 1% tax on all banking transactions.  His office advised T0D of his position via email this morning.  (more…)

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