Obama is a man that keeps his promises.  Remember his promise that ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’ under his administration?  Well, here it comes.  Dominion is proposing a 20% increase in rates, the majority of which they say is needed due to their increased cost to comply with state and federal emission regulations.

While Obama did not get Cap & Trade passed, he has been implementing his plan to regulate CO2 (the air you exhale) by executive order.  Those plans are going to cost us billions.  Obama tells us himself that we will bear those costs and that we will just have to get used to it.

Dominion makes very clear the reason for the needed rate increase.  In their letter they state that one of the three reasons for the rate increase is (more…)


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Duke Energy has scrapped plans to build a three turbine pilot wind farm on the Pamlico Sound.   They cited high costs as the main reason.  The price of pilot program was estimated to be $35 Million but further study revealed it to be more in the neighborhood of $145 Million.  Between the high cost and the difficulty (more…)

Here is a clear-cut case for the de-funding of public television.  Here you have elected legislators pressuring UNC-TV to air a controversial documentary without the usual editorial scrutiny.  The documentary in question painted a one-sided, negative picture of Alcoa.  Alcoa is trying to get a renewal of its license to operate hydroelectric dams in the Yadkin River Basin.  The State of North Carolina is challenging the license renewal and in fact, wants to take over the property and the operation of the dams.

State Senator Marc Basnight pressured UNC-TV officials to air the documentary (more…)

The State of North Carolina has been working for the past year to takeover the dams owned and operated by Alcoa on the western side of the state.  The State wants to seize the private property of Alcoa and operate the dams themselves.  Being all the way over here on the coast, this story has not gotten any attention in our local press.  And I’ll admit, I’m not up to speed on all the ins and outs.  It seems to me, though, that the state seizing private property so that it can perform the same work that the private enterprise is performing because it thinks it can do it better, is obscene. It is the very same thing that Hugo Chavez is doing (more…)

North Carolina’s coast has the potential to make the United States of America practically energy independent.  What’s that, you say, you’ve never heard that before?  Not surprising.  Many people would like for this be a state secret on par with ‘Who killed Kennedy’.  The fact is, according to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Coastal Management, that North Carolina’s natural gas reserves could rival those of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  From their website comes the following post: 

Interest in North Carolina’s OCS In the past, no interest in oil and gas exploration has been shown off the North Carolina Coast except for the Manteo Exploration Unit (MEU).  The MEU is comprised of 21 blocks, each approximately nine square miles in size located about 38 miles east of Rodanthe.  This is the location of an ancient reef structure with the age and composition likely to hold hydrocarbons, most likely natural gas.  Industry experts estimate that there is a 7% chance of finding hydrocarbons in the area and 2% chance that it would be economically viable.  However, the estimated potential reservoir (by federal and industry geologists) if a discovery is made is five trillion cubic feet of natural gas with a field life of 20-30 years.  This puts the site on par with other large finds such as Prudhoe Bay Alaska.

Mobil, Marathon and Amerada Hess began leasing that area in 1981.  Just before the first well was sunk, Congress passed the Outer Banks Protection Act, which prohibited the Interior Dept from issuing any more offshore drilling leases.  This moratorium was extended to include all of the east coast through 2012, according to the News & Observer.

How can it be that hundreds of windmills 10 miles offshore would not be a blight but a single drilling platform 45 miles offshore is?  Drilling for natural gas makes sense for North Carolina.