An Open Letter to all Members of the NC General Assembly

I strongly oppose the Gamefish Bill.  The North Carolina fisherman is nearly an extinct species anymore and this bill will drive another nail in his coffin.  You have no right to tell the citizens of North Carolina that the resources in the water belong only to the tiny percentage of people who fish.  The commercial fishermen provide a healthy, delicious product that people want and if they don’t provide it, the only place we’ll be able to get it is from overseas, from places like China and Thailand, whose fish is not inspected and is often raised in crowded, dirty farms and doused with chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides.  It is shameful that 86% of our fish is already imported and the NC General Assembly has some members who want that percentage to be higher.

Not only are some members bent on depriving the citizens of this state, and the country for that matter, of a healthy, delicious product, they are destroying a way of life for many coastal North Carolina communities. And for what, (more…)


WRAL recently ran a story on the dire situation at Oregon Inlet.  The problems at the inlet have been going on for decades and there is no real solution even on the horizon.  Our leaders have failed us.  Our elected representatives including current and former reps, like Congressman Walter Jones, Senator Burr, former Senator Dole, Senator Hagan, former State Senator Marc Basnight and Governor Perdue have all passed the buck, preferring only to posture and bellow and take a few minutes for a photo op.  Where is the leadership on this issue while our fishermen and boaters continue to struggle to eke out a living, while communities like Wanchese are ignored and sacrificed?  The environmentalists have seized power and the results are devastating:  unemployment, the decline of the North Carolina fishing industry, lost tax revenue and struggling communities.   We continue to look to our leaders for a solution and we continue to be disappointed.

Frank Palombo, who is challenging Walter Jones in the Republican primary, issued the following press release on the matter: (more…)