Rep. Tim Spear, one of the so-called Conservative Democrats, sided with the radical progressive agenda to shove Obamacare down the throats of North Carolinians. Spear voted yesterday not to override Perdue’s veto of the Healthcare Protection Act.  Despite overwhelming numbers of phone calls and emails from constituents urging him to vote to override Perdue’s veto of HB2, Spear turned a deaf ear to North Carolinians and saddled us with all the burdens, financial and otherwise, that are going to come with having to comply with this unconstitutional law.  Spear said YES to Perdue and Obama and NO to the folks he represents.

Spear had refused to tell his constituents his position right up until the last minute. Callers to his office were told (more…)


The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association wants access to the database of prescription painkiller users in the State.  They need this information, they say, to combat the problem of doctor shopping and prescription painkiller overdoses.  The database contains information on people who have a prescription for narcotics or other controlled substances.  If this doesn’t make your hair stand on end, (more…)

Today, federal district judge Henry Hudson denied the Federal Government’s Motion to Dismiss in Virginia’s lawsuit over the individual mandate in the new health care bill.  The landmark states’ right case was brought by the Commonwealth’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli moments after Obamacare was signed into law in March.

The basic premise of Virginia’s case is that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  The Feds are relying on the clause in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution that is commonly referred to as (more…)

Under the Healthcare Reform Bill, all business will now have to send a 1099 to every vendor that receives more than $600 from them. No longer is 1099 reporting limited to services received from the self-employed. Every business owner on the Outer Banks from the restaurant owners to the contractors to the people who run small businesses out of their homes will now have to send a 1099 to every vendor that they pay more than $600 for any goods and services. Yes, that’s GOODS and services. Yes, that’s EVERY vendor.

Every purchase you make will be subject to this new law.  Pay your landlord the rent?  1099.  Purchase a computer (more…)

Congressman Walter B Jones has co-sponsored several House bills to repeal ObamaCare.  He also joined other North Carolina Congressional Republicans in urging Attorney General Roy Cooper to join several other states in lawsuits against the over-reaching federal legislation.

In a press release, Jones said,

“America cannot afford this bill.  The Democrats have not listened to the American people and have now strapped future generations with the burden of paying off this tremendous piece of legislation, which will cost at least $1.2 trillion by 2020.  The bill includes an unconstitutional mandate that requires every citizen to have insurance, increases taxes on small businesses and does not have adequate protections to ensure that federal dollars will not be used to pay for abortions.  This is not the way to reform the health care system in this country.  The bill needs to be repealed as soon as possible.

Several other pieces of legislation have been introduced in the House to repeal parts of the bill.  Jones has co-sponsored five of those bills including one to block funding for the bill.

We applaud Congressman Jones for these actions.

The accusations against Tea Party protesters in DC this past weekend are completely false and misleading.  This is just another attempt by the mainstream media to discredit the Patriot Movement.

The Congressional Black Caucus was soundly booed, as were all the Democrats, as they made their way between the Capitol and the Canon Office Building.  I know because I was there.  There are plenty of videos out there to prove it.  A member of the Hampton Roads Tea Party took this video.  See for yourself.  She also posted her experience at the Rally.  Take a read.

Erick Erickson at Redstate has proposed a strategy to kill the bill after it passes the Senate.  See his post here.   In short, contact your GOP Senator, Senator Burr, and tell him to object to the appointment of conferees.  That will prevent the House and Sentate from setting up a joint conference to iron out the differences between the bills.   We cannot give up on the fight to kill this bill.

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