Illegal Immigration

In a shocking turn of events, the Senate’s Commerce Committee today completely gutted HB 36, better known as the Immigration or E-Verify Bill (hat tip to Randy’s Right!).  The bill that the House passed required public and private employers with more than 24 employees to use E-Verify to confirm an employees’ immigration status before hiring them.  The bill that passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee today removed all language pertaining to private employers.  The toothless bill now heads to the Senate floor where it may be voted as soon as tonight.

This is the same bill that was already watered down in the House (see House Republicans all bark and no bite on immigration bill).  We now have to choke down this version which does absolutely nothing (more…)


The NC House Republicans are touting their tough stance on illegal immigration.  But is their latest bill to address the issue really going to take a bite out of illegal immigration?  I’m afraid that the answer is an emphatic ‘No!’  A reading of NC House Bill 36, which requires the usage of E-Verify to verify the immigration status of workers, finds that the House Republicans have caved in to the agricultural and construction lobby, to the point where the bill is nearly worthless.

HB 36 requires government contractors, subcontractors and all employers in North Carolina to use E-Verify to verify the immigration status of employees.  The main problems lies in the definitions, exemptions and penalties.  Here are some of the exemptions: (more…)

Hood Richardson stood firmly by his conservative beliefs in a recent exchange with Senator Basnight at a meeting of business and community leaders.  According the the Washington Daily News, Basnight challenged Hood to respond to how he would handle an illegal alien who had just graduated from Manteo High School.  (more…)