Local News

Under the guise of saving a few bucks on printing costs, Republican Majority Leader Skip Stam of Raleigh and Democrat Bill Owens of Pasquotank have teamed up to sponsor a bill that would allow municipalities to forgo publishing of any and all public notices in newspapers. H 472 allows local governments in North Carolina to post public notices on their website in lieu of having them printed in newspapers. Limiting the public’s access to public information is (more…)

Senator Basnight is asking state leaders to continue funding the illegal project known as the renovation of Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge. The dilapidated facility, now owned by the State of North Carolina, was designed as a pumping station and was later converted to  a rustic hunting lodge.  It is slated to become state owned and operated Bed and Breakfast that will compete directly with private businesses in Hyde County. State law prohibits such competition from any governmental unit in North Carolina. (more…)

The State Bureau of Investigation’s Greenville office has confirmed to Truth or Dare that the May 1, 2007 fire that burned down Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe in Nags Head is still an open case.  That’s right.  The arson investigation into the three and half year old fire lumbers on as the dogged SBI agents scour the county for clues.

The fire happened in the early morning hours of May 1, 2007.  The intense fire was not contained for two hours.  It burned the structure to the ground. The Nags Head Police Department called in the Wilmington office of the ATF and the State Bureau of Investigation.  When asked about the investigation six months after the fire, ATF spokesman Jim Modzelewski told The Virginian Pilot, (more…)