Northeast North Carolina’s most prominent party switcher, Democrat  Republican Congressman Walter Jones told the Beaufort Observer this weekend in Greenville, that he plans to attend the party switch announcement of liberal Democrat Arthur Williams on October 18th.  With no backing from local party leaders, the political elite in Raleigh are hoping Jumpin’ Jones’ presence at the announcement will add credibility to Awful Arthur’s switch.

Much like the political landscape in 1994 that prompted Jones to switch parties, 2012 promises to be a monumental year for Republicans.  Awful Arthur wants to capitalize on the shifting political sands in much the same way Jumpin’ Jones did.  While he voted conservatively for a few years in the 1990, Jones no longer pretends to be conservative.  In 2010, (more…)


Saturday dawned bright and sunny in Wilmington as the Republican cats were herded back into the convention hall for day two. The day started with a Tea Party breakfast which fired up the activist attendees. Then on to an upbeat legislative update from GOP leaders Tillis and Berger. Next were break-out sessions, one of which was the contentious “Tea Party & the NC GOP” workshop. Lunch included some tough Q&A with Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and Congressman Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina. The afternoon proved to be equally remarkable as we voted for old party leaders and then tried and failed to wrap up the party’s business.  As the day progressed, it became clear that, while the conservative activists in North Carolina have had an impact both on the party and on the legislative agenda, their work has just begun.

After being ignored by the party elites on Friday, Truth or Dare was pleased to hear Speaker Tillis and President Pro Tem Berger begin their remarks by thanking the activists who worked so tirelessly on their behalf. These two understand the power of the grassroots. Not so with Chairman Hayes. Hayes attended The “Tea Party & the NC GOP” workshop where he was peppered with questions (more…)

The NC GOP Conevention got underway yesterday in Wilmington.  It was a perfect day for a drive along the coast and a stroll on the riverfront but not such a perfect day inside the convention hall.  From technical snafus to a registration boondoggle, the party leadership appeared not only unprepared but careless and arrogant.  The bright spot was the attendees.  The Tea Party people are out in force here and determined to be shown some respect.

Party leaders, determined to either show either their ineptness or their contempt for theTea Party (or maybe both), screwed up (more…)