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Two eastern North Carolina Senators have introduced a bill to repeal the plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks.  Senator Thom Goolsby, whose district includes Wilmington, and Buck Newton from Wilson County have introduced S318 to fully repeal all parts of the plastic bag ban.  The bill presently has eight co-sponsors.  This blogger fully supports repeal.   Click here to download a copy of the repeal bill.

The purpose of the bill was to tamp down on the bags that end up flying around on our beaches; a noble goal, to be sure.  Nobody likes seeing them flying around and we all are concerned for the habitat of the wildlife in our ecosystem.  But banning the bags is not the answer.  The bag in and of itself is not the problem; bags flying around the beaches are the problem.  So how do we combat this problem short of a ban?  Force should not be an option for a perfectly legal, useful product.  We’re smart people down here and we can accomplish this goal in ways that reflect our values.  Here are some ideas. (more…)


You may have seen the recent news reports about a new study that found high levels of bacteria in reusable grocery bags.  After reading that study, and another conducted in Toronto in 2009 (see news reports of the Toronto Study here), I have written a letter to our Health Department.  In it, I ask them to review this matter and report back to the public on the safety of these bags.

The studies found unsafe levels of bacteria in a high percentage of the bags.  Some even had E. coli.   Yeast and mold (more…)

Regardless of the final program put in place to help struggling small businesses purchase paper bags, the idea that our local government officials were working closely with Senator Basnight’s office to create a taxpayer funded warehouse and distribution system, is newsworthy.  How has this story been treated in our own ‘mainstream media’?  Below are local stories printed after ToD ran the original Papergate story: (more…)

In response to a reader’s request to see the original emails, five of the relevant emails are posted below.  Not sure how well these images will post so there is a PDF link above each image.  You can also see the five emails (more…)

According to emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, ToD has learned that Senator Basnight is directing the efforts of local leaders as they seek to implement the plastic bag ban which goes into effect October 1st.  Basnight’s office has sent out detailed instructions as to what the Senator considers an acceptable paper bag program.  The cost of this program is going to come out of the pocket of the taxpayer, as usual.  (more…)

Outer Banks Voice is reporting and I can confirm that a full plastic bag ban for the Outer Banks was snuck into the budget bill and could become law in a matter of days, maybe even by tomorrow, Wednesday.

ALL you retailers here on the Outer Banks, THIS BAN APPLIES TO YOU.  NO EXCEPTIONS, unless of course (more…)

Senator Marc Basnight is testing the waters for a full plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks.  Not content to restrict your choice at the supermarket, Home Depot and other bigger stores, Basnight would like to see the ban implemented in every small business on the Outer Banks.  Can our small businesses really afford a mandate like this?  Click here to read the text of the current bill .

Did you know that producing paper bags costs more and requires more oil than the plastic?   Did you know that most people re-use their plastic bags?  Check out this Reason article to learn more about the paper/plastic debate.

Before moving forward with this massive nanny state mandate, Senator Basnight is soliciting feedback.  According to a letter sent from his office to 600 business (more…)

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