Elitist Commissioner Richard Johnson (R)

Demonstrating the haughty attitude prevalent in Dare County politics, Commissioner Richard Johnson said that he is not convinced that the current district alignment is problematic.  In a stunning display of elitism, Johnson, a Republican and the longest serving Commissioner on the Board, commented to a reporter at The Virginian Pilot,

“Is there anything that’s been needed at the beach that’s not been addressed by the Board of Commissioners?  Everybody’s got schools, nice schools. Everybody’s got libraries. There’s county offices in all the areas. I don’t understand what the issue is.”

This is akin to saying that the huddled masses should be grateful (more…)


OBTP members and concerned Dare County citizens rally for redistricting

Outer Banks Tea Party held a rally at the Dare Govt compound yesterday.  About 15 people gathered on the steps of the Dare Govt Center in Manteo to support redistricting Dare County.  We all filed in to the Commissioners’ meeting room afterward and took our turn at the podium.  Several people spoke during the public comment period, urging the commissioners to appoint a bi-partisan commission to study the issue and recommend a redistricting plan.  All of the commissioners were attentive and a couple seemed to be nodding in agreement.  Reporters from all the major newspapers (Outer Banks Voice, Coastland Times and Virginian Pilot) were on hand to snap pictures and interview us.

Below is video from inside the Commissioners’ meeting room where several citizens spoke in favor of redistricting.

To see and hear all of the public comments, click here and then click on Public Comments

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Tax Protest Rally 2010

Come out to the Dare County Board of Commissioners’ Meeting on Monday, Feb 21st, to voice your support for redistricting.

We will assemble in front of the County Government Building in Manteo around 4pm.  Bring your signs, flags or just bring yourself.  Individuals are encouraged to speak at the meeting during public comment.   Let’s put some pressure on our elected officials to form a bi-partisan commission to study redistricting.  The right to be equally represented in government is a right that we must protect and defend.   Our forefathers fought and died for that right, we must do our part.

You can learn more about the issue on Truth or Dare

If you cannot make it to the meeting, email</a> or mail the Commissioners.  Their individual contact info and mailing address can be found here

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With the 201o census now behind us, it’s time for the Dare County Commissioners to take the long awaited step of properly aligning Commissioners and Districts.  Our present district layout in no way provides fair representation for the people of Dare County.  Both the state and federal legislatures are required to redistrict after every census to properly apportion representatives among the population.  Should Dare County do no less?  Should we not demand it?

Even a quick glance at the present district structure side by side with estimated 2009 population figures shows that many residents in the County (more…)