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Photo courtesy, Chowan River Patriot

The Daily Advance is reporting that conservative columnist Bob Steinburg (R) of Edenton will enter the race for North Carolina’s 2nd District House Seat.  The incumbent is Tim Spear (D) of Creswell.  NC House District 2 covers Dare, Chowan, Hyde and Washington Counties.

In announcing his candidacy, Steinburg said,


You all remember Bob Steinburg from the TEA Party?  Check out his latest column in the Daily Advance.

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Walter Jones has a campaign account balance of $127,766 as of September 30,2009.  To date, in 2009 Jones has received contributions totaling $228,000 and has spent $139,000.  Around $82,000 of his contributions have come from PACs.  His contributors include:

  • $2400 Mr. Fuad El-Hibri of Potomac, MD.  Mr. El-Hibri is CEO of Bioport, the only US maker of the anthrax vaccine.
  • $1000 Mr. An Nguyen of Fairfax, VA.  Mr. Nguyen is President of NCS Technologies, a manufacturer and supplier of PC products.
  • $3000 American Bankers Association PAC

The Daily Advance has a piece on the wind farm project with a misleading headline.  The headline reads “Wind Power Generating Excitement, Locals eager to see project to fruition.”  The article, however, does not cite a single local who is eager to see the project to fruition nor is there mention of anyone who is excited about the project.   In fact, it doesn’t appear that any locals were interviewed for the article.  He does have quotes from a local official of Camden County and also from Currituck Commissioner Owen Etheridge.  Commissioner Etheridge’s comments, in fact, showed a healthy skepticism of the project.  I have emailed the reporter and asked him to change the headline or else provide support for his contention.  The story can be found here http://www.dailyadvance.com/news/wind-power-generating-excitement-944082.html A link to the reporter is at the top of the story.

If you give them an inch….