The Town of Southern Shores is toying with the idea of allowing wind turbines in their town.  It is shocking how people are so eager to jump on this green bandwagon.  If you live in Southern Shores, I urge you to check out the Truth about Wind page on this website.  Wind turbines are not COOL, they are not HIP, they will piss off your neighbors, they will destroy your property value and they will not pay for themselves, EVER.  You residents of Southern Shores have to stand up now and put a stop to this before it rips your town apart.  Don’t let this camel stick its nose under your tent! You can email the Mayor and Town Council by clicking on their links below:

Mayor Don Smith
Brian McDonald
Jodi Hess
Kevin Stroud
Jim Pfizenmayer

See what wind turbines have done to this small, once peaceful town in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Still not convinced?  Take a listen to the people who seem to really like the noisy, flickering wind turbine in Portsmouth, RI.  Is this what you want for your town, Southern Shores:  white noise, sun flickers and obstructed views?