Walter Jones’ campaign is having to dig deep to try and showcase their candidate’s former conservative credentials.  Recent Facebook posts labeled ‘From the Archives‘ show two photos of a young Walter Jones with conservative stalwart Senator Jesse Helms nearly 20 years ago.   That was then.  This is now.  Let’s get a little more current, shall we?

Cut and Run

“Cut and Run” Jones with progressive left-winger Dennis Kucinich. Jones voted for Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against Bush in 2008. Jones also voted numerous times with Kucinich and Pelosi to pull out of Iraq long before the job was done.

Support for Dodd-Frank

Jones voted for the the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Bill

Support for Obama Proposal

Jones supports Obama’s plan to spend even more money on infrastructure projects

Censure of Joe Wilson

Jones voted to censure Joe Wilson for shouting ‘You lie!’ during Obama’s State of the Union speech

Against Drilling

Sarah Palin was known during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her strong support for drilling, often telling the crowds to “Drill, Baby, Drill!”  Jones voted against drilling off the Atlantic coast and voted NO on a bill to lift Obama’ moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf.

No to Economic Prosperity

Jones voted against Paul Ryan’s budget, “The Path to Prosperity”

Let’s retire Walter Jones and elect someone who will be a real conservative leader, Frank Palombo

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Democrat turned Republican Congressman Walter Jones has a challenger in November.  That would be Libertarian turned Democrat Johnny Rouse.  Both of these candidates are party switchers who did so in the hopes of winning elections.  Both consider themselves conservative.  Are they?  Let’s find out. (more…)

With the upcoming recess, I was looking forward to a chance to speak to my Congressman, Walter B Jones (R).  However, instead of planning any town hall style meetings, Congressman Jones sent out a “Town Hall By Mail” brochure.  Why bother actually talking to those pesky constituents (more…)

With early voting over and election day right around the corner, the race for the Third District Republican Primary is in the final stretch. The three-way Primary contest features the incumbent Walter Jones squaring off against Craig Weber of Morehead City and Bob Cavanaugh of Newport.  Take our poll at the end of this post and tell us how you favor in this race.

The Third District is composed of portions of seventeen counties, stretching from Corolla in the north to North TopSail Beach in the South, from Hatteras Island in the east to Goldsboro in the west.  It’s a unwieldy district (more…)

Bob Cavanaugh is one of two Republicans running against Walter B Jones in the May 4 primary for the U. S. House seat in North Carolina’s Third District.  I recently interviewed Bob.

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in New Jersey and joined the US Marine Corps soon after graduating from high school.  Enlisting as a Private, I worked my way up the ranks, earning eleven promotions in 21 years and retired with the rank of Captain in 1988.  My specialty field was Aircraft Electronics, more generally called Avionics.  I served in Vietnam in 1969 and have a Top Secret clearance. (more…)

The  Jacksonville Daily News is reporting that Onslow County resident Sperby Piner will challenge Walter Jones on May 4th for the Republican nomination.  He joins likely challenger Joe McLaughlin also of Onslow County and Bob Cavanaugh of Carteret County.  Jones is vulnerable again this year due to his  ever evolving views.  With turnout expected to be (more…)