Campaign finance reports released by Arthur Williams’ campaign show that Williams’ campaign paid Jeremy Adams $900 on the day that Jeremy Adams publicly endorsed Mr. Williams .  A second payment of $900 followed one month later.  Both payments were labeled ‘Consulting’.

If these payments were made to former NC House 6 candidate Jeremy Adams, this is indeed troubling. Truth or Dare, however, is unable to confirm if these payments went to the aforementioned Jeremy Adams or someone else named Jeremy Adams.   The campaign finance entries made by the Williams’ campaign are incomplete and do not provide enough detail to confirm the identity of the recipient.

The data posted to the NC SBE website for Williams’ Q2 filing does not show the address or city of the consultant Jeremy Adams.  It  lists Mr. Adams occupation as Insurance Salesman.   Losing NC6 candidate Jeremy Adams lists his occupation on his campaign (more…)


Today, Jeremy Adams endorsed his one-time political opponent, Arthur Williams, for NC House.  Six weeks ago, Jeremy Adams shared the same low opinion that most Republicans have of Arthur Williams.  Take a look:

Over the past six weeks, Arthur Williams has not changed.  He’s still a serious RINO, a four-time Democratic legislator and a tax hiker.  He’s still taking advantage of the Republican majority.  He’ s still not well liked nor is he fiscally conservative.  So one has to wonder, what’s changed?   (more…)

Truth or Dare has learned that Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning have signed on to manage the campaign of long-time Democrat loyalist Arthur Williams.  Woolard is the former Chair of the Beaufort County Republican Party, a former Republican candidate for Congress and the newly-elected Republican Presidential Elector from North Carolina’s 3rd District.  News of the announcement stunned party members and activists across eastern North Carolina, many of whom voted for Woolard to represent them at the Electoral College in the upcoming Presidential election and who now feel betrayed.

Williams, who served four terms in the General Assembly, was a lifelong Democrat who switched parties in 2011 and is now running as a Republican for the NC-6 House seat.  Williams is up against GOP stalwart Mattie Lawson of Dare County in the race.  Lawson is popular in Republican circles for her steadfast support of conservative values and her dedicated work on behalf of the Republican Party.  Lawson bested Williams and a third challenger, Jeremy Adams, in the primary on May 8th but did not earn enough votes to avoid a runoff.   Lawson and Williams are set to face each other in the July 17th runoff election.

Williams’ party-switch in 2011 angered local Republicans who quickly saw through the charade.  It was clear from the outset that Williams had an agenda and that he was being encouraged by Republican Party leaders in Raleigh (more…)

Ashley Woolard

Republican Ashely Woolard will challenge Democrat G. K. Butterfield for the 1st District US Congressional Seat in 2010.  While Dare County is not in District 1, it is one of our neighbor districts.  It encompasses Elizabeth City, Edenton, Plymouth, New Bern, and much more.  Click this link to see a map of District 1 The extremely close vote in the House on healthcare reform shows us that we need to support Republican candidates all across our state.  Butterfield is no moderate.  He’s been in office since 2004 and has demonstrated that he marches in lockstep with the radical left wing of the party.  His ratings include:

  • A 100 rating from NARAL in 2007-2008
  • An F rating from the National Taxpayers Union
  • An A rating from the National Education Association
  • An A rating from Citizens for Global Solutions

I could go on but why…  If you want to find out more about his ratings, or any member of Congress for that matter, go here

Ashley Woolard is a Reagan Conservative.  According to an article in the Beaufort Observer, he believes in the values and principles on which this country was founded. Click here to read the whole article.

He’s going to need a lot of small contributions to beat an incumbent.  His website is not up and running yet but the article says that he can be contacted at Ashley Woolard