Star News Online is reporting that Rusty Carter, owner of Atlantic Packaging, was fined $100,000 today by the State Board of Elections for his illegal campaign donation scheme. Mr. Carter, if you will remember, gave bonuses to his employees with the expectation (more…)


You may have recently read that Marc Basnight has had to return $84,000 in illegal campaign contributions.  Basnight, along with Governor Perdue and Senator Julia Boseman, received contributions from employees of Atlantic Corp that were actually donations from Rusty Carter, the owner of Atlantic Corp, who funneled the money to his employees as bonuses with the expectation that they would contribute the funds to these honorable politicians.  Click here to read about Rusty Carter’s conviction.  The story, I believe, does not end there.

It does please me to no end to know that a little old blogger can ferret out wrongdoing and people will be brought to justice.  You’ll remember that I blogged about these campaign contributions here, long before they were made public.  Now let’s see if we can get the State Board of Elections to take a look at the donations to Basnight from (more…)

On Friday, Governor Beverly Perdue returned $48000 in donations from Atlantic Corp because of the possibility that the donations were illegal. The donations, you may recall from my November post, were made by officers of Atlantic Corp all on the same day for the maximum amount of $4000.  The NC State Board of Elections is investigating whether the employees were reimbursed for their contributions. On Saturday, Marc Basnight asked the NC State Board of Elections how to handle the donations that he received from Atlantic Corp. which may also have been illegal. (more…)

The companies of Hobbs Upchurch and Atlantic Corp are two of Marc Basnight’s biggest contributors.  Atlantic Packaging Corp, based in Wilmington, is owned by Rusty Carter.  His son Wes Carter works for Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, an Engineering firm based in Southern Pines.  Rusty Carter, if you remember, is a friend of Mike Easley and was subpoenaed to the Board of Elections in connection with his contributions to Easley.

In 2008, the employees and family members of these two companies contributed $120,000 to Basnight’s campaign(more…)

Wes Carter, son of Rusty Carter (see Nov 16 post), is a chip off the old block.  In my last post, I told you about the multitude of people from Rusty Carter’s Atlantic Corp who donated large amounts of money to Marc Basnight in 2008.  Well, they are not the only people with holes in their pockets.  It seems that several of the of principals and employees of Hobbs Uphurch & Associates of Southern Pines  also donated large sums of money to Senator Basnight, right around the same time as the Atlantic Corp people.  Why is that interesting?  Because Wes Carter works for Hobbs Upchurch.  Between the two Carter connected companies, Marc Basnight received $120,000 or 10% of all his personal donations.  Given the connection between Mr. Carter and former Governor Mike Easley (again, see my last post if you missed it) and all the funny business surrounding them, I find these donations…interesting.  You?

Atlantic Corp people donate $40,500 on 4/15

Hobbs Upchurch people donate $27,500 on 4/24

Hobbs Upchurch people donate $24,000 on 10/22 and 11/1

Atlantic Corp people donate $28,000 on 10/24 and 10/31

UPDATE MAY 3, 2010:   Wes Carter of Hobbs Upchurch says that he is not the son of Rusty Carter.  While ToD investigates the genealogy of Wes Carter, we stand by the thrust of the story which is that Hobbs Upchurch employees made very unusual donations to Marc Basnight.