With Bill Owens expected to retire in 2012, House District 1 will most likely fall into Republican hands next year.  Newly drawn House maps turn this district from a Democrat leaning (D+1) district into one that leans Republican.  The district encompasses Currituck, Camden, Perquimans, Chowan and parts of Pasquotank counties.  Given the strong Republican showing in the District in 2010, this should be an easy pickup for the GOP with the right candidate.  Among these seeking the seat are the popular columnist and former NC-2 House candidate Bob Steinburg and the polarizing former Chairman and current member of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners, J. Owen Etheridge.  At least two others are rumored to have some interest in the seat including perennial candidate Bill Lehmann of Pasquotank County and former NC-5 House candidate Matt Peeler of Perquimans County.

There can be little doubt that the strongest and most viable candidate is (more…)


Dare County has elected its first Republican Sheriff.  Doug Doughtie easily defeated incumbent Rodney Midgett 56/44.  Midgett carried Manteo, Wanchese, Nags Head and East Lake while Doughtie carried Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills,  Colington, Manns Harbor, Stumpy Point and all precincts south of the Bonner Bridge.

Dare County voters returned  Republican Jack Shea to the Board of County Commissioners.  Mr. Shea defeated his opponent (more…)

Third quarter Financial Disclosures suggest that Tim Spear may be in trouble in the NC2 House race.  Expenditures for the incumbent show that internal polling data may have prompted an intense advertising blitz.  Sensing they were losing ground,  the NC Democratic Party (NCDP) stepped in to help the embattled incumbent.

While Mr. Spear had been advertising in newspapers since mid-August, it wasn’t until after he received polling data from Public Policy Polling that he ramped up his advertising campaign.  Mr. Spear did not release the results of the polling which suggests (more…)

A recent mailer sent out by the NC Democratic Party, and authorized by NC-2 Representative Tim Spear, has local vets hoppin’ mad.  On the front of the ad, Spear tells vets that “One Legislator is Covering Our Soldiers’ Backs”.  On the back, overlaying a photo of  soldiers, he says, “In combat, you always want another soldier covering your back.”  The ad might have been effective except for two facts.  First, Mr. Spear’s bio does not mention any military service.  Second, and much more troubling, is that the soldiers pictured in the ad are not American soldiers.  They’re Hitler’s soldiers. (more…)

Truth or Dare sent interview questions to the candidates for NC House District 2.  Only Bob Steinburg has responded.  After giving Mr. Spear a week beyond the deadline to respond, it’s time to go to press.

I thank Mr. Steinburg for responding and giving the voters a chance to hear his position on the important issues facing our county.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate is close to 10%.  Only 14 other states have higher unemployment rates.  What contributes to North Carolina’s high rate and what can be done to bring jobs to our state and particularly to this District? (more…)

The candidates for NC House District 2 took to the stage Sunday at the Dare County League of Women Voters Candidate Reception in Kitty Hawk. The two present starkly different pictures of the state of our State and offer different solutions to our lagging state economy. (more…)

The Dare County GOP hosted an event last night in Avon billed as Cookies and Coffee with Conservative Candidates.  It was well attended with about 4o people turning out to hear from the state and local candidates.  If you’re just tuning in to the local elections, now’s the time to start (more…)