Interested in campaigning or considering a run for political office?  Then you don’t want to miss these two great opportunities to learn about campaigning from the experts.

Campaign Training by Civitas

What:  Civitas’ Campaign Training is focused on giving participants the knowledge and practical skills they will need to build a winning campaign in North Carolina. The program includes information on the following subject areas:

Campaign organization
Campaign Finance and laws
Social media

When:  Saturday, January 21st from 9am-4pm (more…)


It’s official. Government jobs account for more jobs than other industry in Dare County. While overall employment in Dare County has decreased 6.04% from 2007 to 2009, the number of people employed in government jobs has increased by 2.08%.  Even at the height of summer, there are more government employees in Dare County than those employed in any other sector including retail and food service respectively.  As of the end of 2009, government employees accounted for 27.25% of all employees while food service and accommodation accounted for 20% and retail 15.3%.   Data can be found here. Of the top 16 employers in the County (more…)

According to Civitas, during the month of March, a net of 5o voters were added to the voting roles in Dare County.  The Democrats lost 10 voters, the Unaffiliated category gained 25 and the Republicans gained 35.  The percentages remain roughly the same:

  • 39% Democrat
  • 31% Unaffiliated
  • 29% Republican

The trend in the North Carolina highly favors the Unaffiliated category.  Across the state, (more…)

Top legislators in the North Carolina GOP have asked the GOP Executive Committee not to close the primaries to Unaffiliated Voters.  The legislators believe that Unaffiliated Voters are the key to winning and that barring them from the primaries will not win their confidence.  Civitas seems to agree.  This blogger completely disagrees with their conclusions.

Many Unaffiliated Voters (UV) are registered that way here in Dare County because (more…)