Aware of the destructive and insidious nature of Agenda 21-style policies, the Dare County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed an anti-Agenda 21 resolution at their Feb 20, 2012 meeting. Commissioner Jack Shea led the charge and we thank him for his leadership.  It was passed by the five Commissioners who were present.  Commissioners Richard Johnson and Max Dutton did not attend the meeting. While this resolution only states our County leaders’ opposition to such policies and does not repeal any policies currently on the books, it is a good start.  It sets an example for the towns in Dare County to follow.  It is now up to us to hold their feet to the fire and inform the Commissioners when we see Agenda 21 creeping into proposed policies and legislation.  And if there are policies and laws on the books that should be repealed, we must find identify those and bring them to the attention of the Board. We must also encourage the towns to adopt this resolution.  Take a copy of this resolution to your local town meeting and speak during the public comment phase and pass out the resolution to all the members. Encourage your elected officials to view the video below.

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WHEREAS, Dare County was founded on the basic American principle of private property ownership and the right of local governments to develop communities in ways that are beneficial for its citizens; and

WHEREAS, these uniquely American principles are threatened by Agenda 21 initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro which represents a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control; and

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Under heavy fire for orchestrating a so-called ‘hunting program’ for selected youths on county property using appropriated county equipment, Commissioner Mike Johnson has now been found to have been using the power of his office to solicit donations for a religious organization.  Johnson used his county email account to promote and solicit donations for Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO), a Christian based hunting and fishing club, with which he is affiliated.  This is in clear violation of county policy, state ethical standards and plain old common sense.

Johnson’s public promotion of  CTO, began as early as Feb 2010.  County records indicate there are at least 2,000 emails between 2010 and 2011 that were either to or from Commissioner Mike Johnson’s county e-mail account that either related to his work with CTO or contained the following signature block: (more…)

The Dare County Board of Commissioners today rejected County Manager Outten’s proposal to ban smoking on all Dare County property.  The final vote was 3-4.  The motion to adopt the proposal was brought by Vice Chair Allen Burrus and seconded by Max Dutton  Commissioners voting for the ban were Chairman Warren Judge, Vice Chair Allen Burrus and Max Dutton.  Those opposed were Mike Johnson, Jack Shea, Richard Johnson and Virginia Tillett.  The highly controversial proposal would have banned smoking in all county cars and on all outdoor property owned, leased or occupied by Dare County.   Smoking is already banned inside County buildings.

In a recent interview with WTKR, Republican Dare County Commissioner Mike Johnson declared, “I’m a conservative Republican and hate taxes…” Anyone familiar with Commissioner Johnson’s record on taxes would know that Johnson is taking a few liberties here. The record shows that Commissioner Mike Johnson has twice voted for County budgets that include property tax increases.

His first vote for a property tax increase came in 2006 when the property tax was raised 1 cent per $1,000 value. Then last year, Commissioner Mike Johnson voted for a 2 cent property tax increase. If this is how a conservative Republican governs, I’d hate to see what kind of increases we’d have if he was not conservative.

Will Johnson try and shore up his conservative bona-fides by opposing a tax increase this year?  I predict not.  I think he’ll try for one more tax increase to give himself a cushion for the 2012 budget.  Then in 2012, he’ll ‘get serious’ about cutting spending.  That’s when we’ll see his conservative side.  Until then, expect politics as usual.

Elitist Commissioner Richard Johnson (R)

Demonstrating the haughty attitude prevalent in Dare County politics, Commissioner Richard Johnson said that he is not convinced that the current district alignment is problematic.  In a stunning display of elitism, Johnson, a Republican and the longest serving Commissioner on the Board, commented to a reporter at The Virginian Pilot,

“Is there anything that’s been needed at the beach that’s not been addressed by the Board of Commissioners?  Everybody’s got schools, nice schools. Everybody’s got libraries. There’s county offices in all the areas. I don’t understand what the issue is.”

This is akin to saying that the huddled masses should be grateful (more…)

OBTP members and concerned Dare County citizens rally for redistricting

Outer Banks Tea Party held a rally at the Dare Govt compound yesterday.  About 15 people gathered on the steps of the Dare Govt Center in Manteo to support redistricting Dare County.  We all filed in to the Commissioners’ meeting room afterward and took our turn at the podium.  Several people spoke during the public comment period, urging the commissioners to appoint a bi-partisan commission to study the issue and recommend a redistricting plan.  All of the commissioners were attentive and a couple seemed to be nodding in agreement.  Reporters from all the major newspapers (Outer Banks Voice, Coastland Times and Virginian Pilot) were on hand to snap pictures and interview us.

Below is video from inside the Commissioners’ meeting room where several citizens spoke in favor of redistricting.

To see and hear all of the public comments, click here and then click on Public Comments

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We’ve been had!  The Towns of Dare County are finding out the hard way that our representatives in the General Assembly, Mr. Tim Spear and former Senator Marc Basnight, cannot be trusted.  Spear sponsored the bill in the House and Basnight ushered through the bill in the Senate, which allowed for the controversial 1% occupancy tax increase but the bills were a far cry from the resolutions passed by the Dare County BOC and the Shoreline Management Commission, who supported the measure only under certain conditions.

At the request of the Dare County Board of Commissioners, Rep. Spear and Senator Basnight ushered through bills calling for an additional 1% occupancy tax in Dare County.  Spear’s bill, HB 1945, called for the tax to be used only for beach nourishment projects.  The Senate bill, SB 1298, which is the one that eventually passed, did the same.  On the contrary, the resolutions passed by the Dare County BOC and the Shoreline Management Commission (each Town has a Rep on the SMC), called for the funds to be available for any legal erosion control technique Outer Banks Voice is reporting that no one in any of the Towns became aware of this bait and switch until recently when Kitty Hawk tried to tap into the fund to remove a house on a public beach and was told that their request did not meet the legal requirements.

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