The candidates for Dare County Sheriff, incumbent Sheriff Rodney Midgett (D) and challenger Officer Doug Doughtie (R), recently responded via email to a series of questions posed by the Editor.  Their unedited responses to six questions are posted below. (more…)


The Colington Harbour Association is sponsoring a Meet the Candidates Night for the candidates for office of the Dare County Board of Commissioners and for the Office of Sheriff. The program will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Friday, October 8, 2010 at the Colington Volunteer Fire Department.

Candidates for the Board of Commissioners are Jack Shea (R, Incumbent) and Robin Mann (D). Candidates for the Office of Sheriff are Rodney Midgett (D) and Doug Doughtie (R). Candidates will make an opening statement, respond to written questions submitted by the audience, and by the candidates themselves, and make a closing statement. All statements and responses by the candidates will be timed.

All residents of the communities that border Colington Road are invited to attend. Should you have any questions related to this program, please contact Jerry Raveling (441-4226), the program chairman and moderator.

The candidates for Sheriff put their best foot forward on Sunday at the Dare County League of Women Voters Candidate Forum. Officer Doug Doughtie of the Duck Police Department and Sheriff Rodney Midgett told voters why they think they are the best person to run the Sheriff’s office. (more…)

Here we go again. The Democrats in Dare County are up to their old tricks again. We saw it with the Register of Deeds and we’re about to see it with the Sheriff’s office should Rodney Midgett get re-elected. Here’s the game: incumbent runs, incumbent retires, Democrat County Party Chiefs appoint a successor. Only one problem with this scenario, in this County, the Democrat Party Chiefs do not get to appoint a new Sheriff. That duty falls squarely on the shoulders of (more…)

Ryan Michael White, candidate for Dare County Sheriff, has not limited his illegal drug activities to Dare County. This fine, upstanding citizen is facing one felony charge and two misdemeanors charges in Currituck County. He is scheduled to appear in Currituck County Superior Court on April 8 on a felony charge of (more…)

Ryan Michael White, candidate for Dare County Sheriff, was in District Court today facing three charges: possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and reckless driving.  He was granted a continuance.

This is familiar territory for Mr. White. Since 2001, in Dare County, he has been convicted of possession of narcotics, speeding to allude police, open container of alcohol and reckless driving, among other charges. Many of the offenses (more…)

John Douglas ‘Doug’ Doughtie has filed to run as a Republican for Dare County Sheriff. He faces Ryan White in the primary on May 4. Here’s more about Doug in his own words:

ToD: Tell us a little about yourself.

Doug: I am 51 years old and happily married to my wife Shanon for 17 years and we live in Kill Devil Hills with two of our sons. Tyler is 16 and in the 11th grade at First Flight and Noah who just turned 9 is in the 4th grade at Nags Head Elementary School. I have an older son Brent who is 24 and lives in Ahoskie, and just finished Basic Law Enforcement Training and is waiting for a job with the Ahoskie Police Department. My wife is a secretary with the Kill Devils Hill Police Department where she has been for a year, after taking several years off to be with our sons. She previously worked for ten years with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office as a Secretary and with communications.

I have been in Law enforcement over two thirds of my life starting in Ahoskie in 1977 and working there for 12 years as a Lieutenant.  In 1989 I came to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office (more…)