The race for NC State Auditor took a bizarre turn this week when 2nd place finisher Greg Dority announced that he would not call for a runoff with primary winner Debra Goldman.  His announcement came two days after third-place finisher Fern Shurbert endorsed him, with the understanding that there would be a runoff.  After the announcement, Shubert unloaded on Dority and the GOP bosses who pull the strings in Raleigh in an op-ed at Beaufort County Now.

Editor’s note:  This article originally appeared in on Beaufort County Now and is re-printed here with the author’s permission.

Who got to Dority?

If the leaders of the Republican Party took the same approach to the AG race that they took in the race for State Auditor, I understand why Roy Cooper is unopposed. The first official reaction to my filing to run for State Auditor was a phone call from a Republican party officer, acting on a request from “someone farther up the political food chain,” asking me to drop out of that race.

Why would anyone in the leadership of the NC Republican Party want the Auditor candidate with the best chance to win in the fall to drop out?  I’m sure those responsible, when identified, will claim they acted for the good of the party, but after the party’s failure to field an opponent for Roy Cooper, that just doesn’t wash.  Had I dropped out, that would have left three people in the race, two non-CPAs and a CPA who had help hiding his ties to Larry Leake and Roy Cooper. (And that’s another much bigger story.) (more…)


Brace yourself for another round of robo-calls and political junk mail.  The crowded field of Republican candidates has resulted in the need for a runoff election or what’s officially called a second primary.  In North Carolina, a second primary can be requested by a second place finisher if no one person in the race received a plurality of the votes (read the statute here).  With the Republicans coming out of the closet in North Carolina and running for office in unprecedented numbers, there were many races in which voters could not settle on the best candidate, resulting in the potential for a runoff. (more…)