The Tea Party favored candidates in the statewide races were swept to victory in yesterday’s runoff.  The grassroots activists turned out the vote for their candidates in stunning numbers.

Dan Forest buried his opponent for Lieutenant Governor, beating him with 68% of the vote.  Dan campaigned tirelessly across the state and had the enthusiasm and endorsement of Tea Party groups from the coast to the mountains.  He will face full-on progressive Democrat Linda Coleman in November.  Ms. Coleman believes we must “hold industry, government and the business community accountable when it comes to natural resource consumption”.  She will advocate for “Clean Green policies” and will ensure “a smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

Mike Causey smacked down Richard Morgan for Insurance Commissioner with 57% of the vote.  Causey also traveled the state from end to end, garnering support from Tea Party groups.   Morgan was a former House Rep. with a bad reputation, even among voters in his own County of Moore.  Causey defeated him there by 2 to 1.   (more…)


OBX Tea Party believes that the following candidates on the ballot for the July 17 Runoff best represent the Tea Party values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets:

NC House 6:  Mattie Lawson

Lieutenant Governor:  Dan Forest

Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Causey

Secretary of State:  Ed Goodwin

State Superintendent:  John Tedesco

Early voting is underway.  Dare County voters can vote at the Board of Elections, located at 954 Marshall C Collins Drive in Manteo,  from 8:30-5pm Monday through Friday through July 13th and on Saturday, July 14th from 8:30 until noon.  Vote in your home precinct on Tuesday, July 17th from 6:30am until 7pm

Click here here to download the flyer to share with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

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If you think our schools in North Carolina need a ‘fundamental transformation’ away from the progressive liberal framework to one that is based on the fundamentals of learning and empowering parents, then you need to be prepared to cast your vote on July 17th in the runoff election for the Republican candidate for DPI (Department of Public Instruction) Superintendent.  It is absolutely critical that we take our schools back from the progressives.  So many young minds have already been indoctrinated.  We need to reverse course soon or all may be lost.  An educated vote on July 17th is the right place to start.

The Daily Haymaker posted an informative piece, today, on one of the Republican candidates, John Tedesco.  Mr. Tedesco won the primary on May 8th but will face the 2nd place finisher in the runoff election.

From The Daily Haymaker:

John Tedesco, a member of the Wake County School Board, and educator Richard Alexander will face off in a runoff election for the right to face incumbent NC Department of Public Instruction superintendent June Atkinson in November.

Tedesco says current discussions about public education are missing the mark:

“Per-pupil expenditures is the wrong paradigm on education spending.  There is this perpetual call for more and more money.  Over the past thirty years, education spending hasTRIPLED while outcomes have flat-lined.  The money to get the job done is already there.  We need to refocus the discussion toward using the money we have WISER. ‘’

On his campaign web site, Tedesco outlines a “4×4 structural plan” – which focuses on areas such as (1) building a better educated workforce, (2) protecting, developing and empowering teachers, (3) reinforcing the basics and innovating forward, and (4) empowering parents and strengthening communities – that he plans to use as an agenda for his tenure as state schools superintendent.

Tedesco says public education is in need of serious reform:

“We’ve got a lot of junk going on in the classroom. We’ve got bureaucrats in one county talking about how many chicken nuggets a kid has.  In another county, we’ve got a teacher screaming at her kids about being arrested for criticizing Obama.  While all of this is going on, two-thirds of kids who graduate from North Carolina high schools and go on to community college need remedial instruction.  We need to make sure that a high school diploma actually means something in North Carolina.  We’ve got to get back to the basics in the classroom while continuing to innovate.’’

Tedesco says the successes of the Wake County public schools, where he is serving on the school board, are a model for the rest of the state.   Continue reading at The Daily Haymaker

Brace yourself for another round of robo-calls and political junk mail.  The crowded field of Republican candidates has resulted in the need for a runoff election or what’s officially called a second primary.  In North Carolina, a second primary can be requested by a second place finisher if no one person in the race received a plurality of the votes (read the statute here).  With the Republicans coming out of the closet in North Carolina and running for office in unprecedented numbers, there were many races in which voters could not settle on the best candidate, resulting in the potential for a runoff. (more…)