Saturday dawned bright and sunny in Wilmington as the Republican cats were herded back into the convention hall for day two. The day started with a Tea Party breakfast which fired up the activist attendees. Then on to an upbeat legislative update from GOP leaders Tillis and Berger. Next were break-out sessions, one of which was the contentious “Tea Party & the NC GOP” workshop. Lunch included some tough Q&A with Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and Congressman Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina. The afternoon proved to be equally remarkable as we voted for old party leaders and then tried and failed to wrap up the party’s business.  As the day progressed, it became clear that, while the conservative activists in North Carolina have had an impact both on the party and on the legislative agenda, their work has just begun.

After being ignored by the party elites on Friday, Truth or Dare was pleased to hear Speaker Tillis and President Pro Tem Berger begin their remarks by thanking the activists who worked so tirelessly on their behalf. These two understand the power of the grassroots. Not so with Chairman Hayes. Hayes attended The “Tea Party & the NC GOP” workshop where he was peppered with questions (more…)


Former State Senator Fred Hobbs admitted today that he illegally funneled money through his employees to the campaigns of Marc Basnight, Governor Perdue and others.  Hobbs, one of the principles of the engineering firm Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, was fined $150,00 by the State Board of Elections this morning.  This afternoon, criminal charges were filed by the local District Attorney.   The charges are only misdemeanors which means he’s facing the frightening punishment of a slap on the wrist.  Chewing bubble gum during catechism class will get you a harsher punishment than Hobbs will get.

We now have two prominent businessmen who illegally funneled money to Basnight and Perdue through their employees.  Will Marc Basnight continue to deny he knew nothing of this scheme?  Is it just a coincidence that (more…)

Top legislators in the North Carolina GOP have asked the GOP Executive Committee not to close the primaries to Unaffiliated Voters.  The legislators believe that Unaffiliated Voters are the key to winning and that barring them from the primaries will not win their confidence.  Civitas seems to agree.  This blogger completely disagrees with their conclusions.

Many Unaffiliated Voters (UV) are registered that way here in Dare County because (more…)