Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson

Truth or Dare is pleased to announce that Hood Richardson will become a guest contributor.  Hood is serving his fourth term as a Beaufort County Commissioner.  He owns and operates and engineering and survey concern in Washington, NC and is a dedicated conservative Republican.   We are pleased to have Hood join our pages.


More about our trustworthy politicians… 

By Hood Richardson

All conservatives got a surprise when several self certified conservative Republicans suddenly flipped to the liberal side.  Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning, announced they are actively working as paid political managers for the liberal Arthur Williams who demanded a run off with Mattie Lawson, the conservative Republican. Lawson beat both Williams and Jeremy Adams but did not get enough of the vote to avoid a run off.  Jeremy Adams, after representing himself as a Ron Paul conservative endorsed Williams.  Politically Williams is as far the left as you can get and a Ron Paul conservative is as far the right as you can get. It all looks like sour grapes, if Adams is what he said he is?  Rumors have been around for some time that Woolard, Tarpenning and Gregg Dority recruited Williams.

Williams has not hesitated in the past to hire and donate money to those who he thought could deliver votes.  Williams has paid money to (more…)


Brace yourself for another round of robo-calls and political junk mail.  The crowded field of Republican candidates has resulted in the need for a runoff election or what’s officially called a second primary.  In North Carolina, a second primary can be requested by a second place finisher if no one person in the race received a plurality of the votes (read the statute here).  With the Republicans coming out of the closet in North Carolina and running for office in unprecedented numbers, there were many races in which voters could not settle on the best candidate, resulting in the potential for a runoff. (more…)

An Open Letter to all Members of the NC General Assembly

I strongly oppose the Gamefish Bill.  The North Carolina fisherman is nearly an extinct species anymore and this bill will drive another nail in his coffin.  You have no right to tell the citizens of North Carolina that the resources in the water belong only to the tiny percentage of people who fish.  The commercial fishermen provide a healthy, delicious product that people want and if they don’t provide it, the only place we’ll be able to get it is from overseas, from places like China and Thailand, whose fish is not inspected and is often raised in crowded, dirty farms and doused with chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides.  It is shameful that 86% of our fish is already imported and the NC General Assembly has some members who want that percentage to be higher.

Not only are some members bent on depriving the citizens of this state, and the country for that matter, of a healthy, delicious product, they are destroying a way of life for many coastal North Carolina communities. And for what, (more…)

Mike Causey, Republican candidate for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner, took the first step in his campaign today on the steps of the Dare County Courthouse.  Causey chose Dare County to launch his campaign today, he said,

“…to bring focus on the problem of insurance in the coastal counties”

Premiums for household insurance, especially windstorm insurance, have skyrocketed in recent years in eastern North Carolina, worse yet in the coastal counties.  Causey, who ran for the office previously, said he was urged by North Carolina Republican leaders to seek the office this year because of widespread and bipartisan criticism of how the State Office of Insurance has been administered.  Causey intends to visit all of North Carolina’s 100 counties with a particular emphasis on eastern North Carolina.

Top Dem Op at Causey PresserLocal business and party leaders attended Causey’s kickoff news conference.  Dare GOP Chairman Pat Patterson and several party members welcomed Mr. Causey to Dare County.   Tommy Fulcher, a top Democratic Party operative, attended but (more…)

Wayne King in Kitty Hawk

Wayne King meets with Dare GOP Leaders. Pictured from bottom left are: Dare GOP Chair Pat Patterson and wife Gail, Wayne King, At-Large member Jim Early, Finance Chair Bryan Oroson and wife Lisa, Vice Chair Perry White and Wanchese Precinct Chair Browny Douglas

Wayne King, Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, drew an overflow crowd of Dare County Republican leaders at the Black Pelican Restaurant in Kitty Hawk Friday.

“It’s like this all over the state,”

King said, about Republican enthusiasm and passion in the 2012 election campaign.

King warned about what he called “the huge, huge pressure on our party” because the President Barack Obama Democrats are pouring so much extra effort into North Carolina, holding their national convention in Charlotte and spending millions of dollars in the state.

“We need to be fully focused on beating (Gov.) Beverly Perdue and Barack Obama and right on down the line”

he said.  He noted that Republicans are running for (more…)

The Washington Daily News is reporting that Beaufort County Republican Wayne Langston will run for the Senate District 1 seat.  The 42 year old Washington resident made the announcement yesterday.

The seat is currently occupied by Democrat and Basnight-crony Stan White of Dare County.  White was appointed to the seat after Basnight retired not unexpectedly in January.  The battle over who would succeed Basnight was contentious but ultimately White prevailed.  His chief opponent was party-lackey Arthur Williams of Beaufort County who was so angered by his loss that he switched parties and now calls himself a Republican.  This blogger has reason to believe that Williams will soon announce (more…)

Northeast North Carolina’s most prominent party switcher, Democrat  Republican Congressman Walter Jones told the Beaufort Observer this weekend in Greenville, that he plans to attend the party switch announcement of liberal Democrat Arthur Williams on October 18th.  With no backing from local party leaders, the political elite in Raleigh are hoping Jumpin’ Jones’ presence at the announcement will add credibility to Awful Arthur’s switch.

Much like the political landscape in 1994 that prompted Jones to switch parties, 2012 promises to be a monumental year for Republicans.  Awful Arthur wants to capitalize on the shifting political sands in much the same way Jumpin’ Jones did.  While he voted conservatively for a few years in the 1990, Jones no longer pretends to be conservative.  In 2010, (more…)