Bill CookThanks to the efforts of Representative Bill Cook, the Hatteras and Knotts Island ferries will remain toll free. Rep. Cook, who is running for the Senate 1 seat now held now by Stan White, lobbied hard for a correction in the Senate version of the budget that would have implemented new ferry tolls on the Hatteras Island, Knotts Island and the Neuse and Pamlico River routes and increased tolls on all other routes.  Due to his efforts, the Senate revised their final budget bill to include a moratorium on any new or increased tolling through June 30, 2013.  The final budget was passed on July 2nd when the House overrode Governor Perdue’s veto.

Last year’s bi-annual budget contained an exemption for Hatteras and Knotts Island ferry tolls but lawmakers in the Senate wanted to remove that exemption this year to make up for transportation spending in other areas, including spending on the mid-Currituck Bridge.  After Representative Bill Cook personally appealed to Senate Pro Tem Berger in the final hours of the budget negotiations in the Senate, (more…)


The Three E’s of Sustainability

Conservative state legislators rallied to strip Agenda 21 language from the Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council charter renewal but fell short by six Republican votes.  Rep. Glen Bradley submitted an amendment to SB 491 that would have renewed the Council’s charter after removing all pro-Agenda 21 language. The amendment garnered the support of most Republicans and two Democrats but ultimately failed 51-63.  Thirteen Republicans voted NO on the Amendment including House Majority Leader Paul Stam.  To bolster their position, Pro Agenda 21 forces used the media to demonize their opponents and promote their agenda, as required by the progressive playbook, and the compliant media delivered on cue.

The media, while attacking conservatives in their usual fashion, showed their support for Agenda 21 but unwittingly bolstered the conservative argument against it.  Craig Jarvis of the News & Observer said in his blog that the SLFAC,“sounds like a good idea, right?”  He lamented that the term ‘sustainable’ has become an obscenity.  Jarvis called ‘sustainability’ something that “encourages environmental stewardship” but said that conservatives see it as an evil ‘plot’ to control the world.

Jarvis goes, on, however to quote an Agriculture Dept analyst who unwittingly showed her hand, (more…)

Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson

Truth or Dare is pleased to announce that Hood Richardson will become a guest contributor.  Hood is serving his fourth term as a Beaufort County Commissioner.  He owns and operates and engineering and survey concern in Washington, NC and is a dedicated conservative Republican.   We are pleased to have Hood join our pages.


More about our trustworthy politicians… 

By Hood Richardson

All conservatives got a surprise when several self certified conservative Republicans suddenly flipped to the liberal side.  Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning, announced they are actively working as paid political managers for the liberal Arthur Williams who demanded a run off with Mattie Lawson, the conservative Republican. Lawson beat both Williams and Jeremy Adams but did not get enough of the vote to avoid a run off.  Jeremy Adams, after representing himself as a Ron Paul conservative endorsed Williams.  Politically Williams is as far the left as you can get and a Ron Paul conservative is as far the right as you can get. It all looks like sour grapes, if Adams is what he said he is?  Rumors have been around for some time that Woolard, Tarpenning and Gregg Dority recruited Williams.

Williams has not hesitated in the past to hire and donate money to those who he thought could deliver votes.  Williams has paid money to (more…)

Facing a political future made bleak by redistricting, Representative Tim Spear will soon have to make a decision.  Will he choose to run in District 6, his present home district, against a popular Democrat?  Will he change his residency to Dare County and run in District 3, potentially challenging his close political allies in Dare County?  Or will he call it quits?  For now, Spear is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Spear’s home county of Washington has been thrown into House District 6, a District currently represented by Bill Cook of Beaufort County.  Cook is a freshman Republican Representative, having defeated Democratic incumbent Arthur Williams in 2010 by a margin of 53/47.  The new district is comprised of Beaufort, Washington and Craven Counties.  While the old District 6 leaned Republican, it was ranked R+2 on the North Carolina Partisan Index, the new District 6 may be actually lean a little Democratic.  This sets up a potentially interesting scenario on the Democratic side;  (more…)