Richard Morgan, Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner, betrayed the North Carolina Republican Party in 2004 and was promptly ousted from the NC GOP Executive Committee for party disloyalty.   His many transgressions, as you can read about below, have cost him dearly as he continued over the years to try and remake himself, running for office time and time again only to be rejected by voters.  Voters continually said NO to his kind of politics and it’s time to say NO one final time.  Make an informed choice ion July 17th in the race for Insurance Commissioner.  Vote for Mike Causey on July 17th.

While you may be stifling a yawn thinking about Insurance, I beg you to think again.  This is one of the most important races on the ballot on July 17th.   The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for managing the Department of Insurance and determines how much you will pay for insurance.  That alone should get you coasties engaged.  We need an Insurance Commissioner who will lead the fight to break up the insurance monopoly that exists in this state and give us a free market for insurance.   In addition to regulating insurance companies, agencies, agents and travel clubs,  the Insurance Commissioner is the Chief Fire Marshall and Chief Building Inspector. The Commissioner also regulates bail bondsmen, collection agencies and manufactured housing.  We cannot have a political hack in this job.  We need an experienced, conservative leader.

Here’s the full text of the Executive Committee resolution that branded Morgan a traitor to the Republican Party.   (more…)


The coastal communities have been sponging off the rest of the state, according to Republican Insurance Commissioner candidate Richard Morgan.   Morgan says that the nice folks in Raleigh and Charlotte have been subsidizing our insurance premiums.  According to his Facebook page, Richard Morgan believes,

“It’s not right for the state to require homeowners in Raleigh, Charlotte and across North Carolina to pay higher insurance premiums so people who own at risk beach front property pay less”

View the full Facebook post here.

If you want to know more about the man who wants your vote on July 17th for the Republican nomination for Insurance Commissioner, (more…)

Brace yourself for another round of robo-calls and political junk mail.  The crowded field of Republican candidates has resulted in the need for a runoff election or what’s officially called a second primary.  In North Carolina, a second primary can be requested by a second place finisher if no one person in the race received a plurality of the votes (read the statute here).  With the Republicans coming out of the closet in North Carolina and running for office in unprecedented numbers, there were many races in which voters could not settle on the best candidate, resulting in the potential for a runoff. (more…)