Eye on Dare is reporting that Democrat Tim Spear will not seek a seat in the North Carolina General Assembly in 2012.  Spear, the current Representative in District 2, was drawn into a new House district last year, District 6, which was already represented by Republican Bill Cook.

Spear was facing a tough bid in House District 6 and may not have liked his chances of success.  The newly redrawn District 6 includes Dare, Hyde, Washington and portions of Beaufort counties.  Mr. Cook (more…)


Facing a political future made bleak by redistricting, Representative Tim Spear will soon have to make a decision.  Will he choose to run in District 6, his present home district, against a popular Democrat?  Will he change his residency to Dare County and run in District 3, potentially challenging his close political allies in Dare County?  Or will he call it quits?  For now, Spear is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Spear’s home county of Washington has been thrown into House District 6, a District currently represented by Bill Cook of Beaufort County.  Cook is a freshman Republican Representative, having defeated Democratic incumbent Arthur Williams in 2010 by a margin of 53/47.  The new district is comprised of Beaufort, Washington and Craven Counties.  While the old District 6 leaned Republican, it was ranked R+2 on the North Carolina Partisan Index, the new District 6 may be actually lean a little Democratic.  This sets up a potentially interesting scenario on the Democratic side;  (more…)

No thanks to Tim Spear, the NC House passed, and the Senate is now considering, a bill that would allow for the order of political parties listed on the ballot to rotate every four years. Current law provides that the order of the parties are alphabetical, resulting in Democrats always being listed first.

Spear was one of only fifteen Democrats to vote against this bill.   What good reason could there be for opposing this bill?  Was it because this change will make it too confusing (more…)

After voting against the Voter ID bill earlier this week, Spear took to the airwaves to defend his vote yesterday. While his office was telling constituents that he opposed the bill on grounds of costs (now debunked, see prior post), he told WTIB’s Henry Hinton that he was opposed to the ‘strict’ photo-id requirement in the bill. Here is the link to the audio clip.  It’s a two hour clip but you can skip to the 1hour 32 minute mark to hear Spear’s remarks.

Mr. Spear says in the interview that the id requirements (more…)

North Carolina is one step closer to requiring a photo id at the polls. House Bill 351, Restoring Confidence in Government, passed a second reading yesterday in the House. Three readings are required for passage. The vote on the second reading was 67 to 53.  All Republicans voted in favor and all Democrats, including Tim Spear, voted against it.

A clear majority of North Carolinians support requiring a photo id to vote. Poll after poll confirms this; (more…)

Rep. Tim Spear, one of the so-called Conservative Democrats, sided with the radical progressive agenda to shove Obamacare down the throats of North Carolinians. Spear voted yesterday not to override Perdue’s veto of the Healthcare Protection Act.  Despite overwhelming numbers of phone calls and emails from constituents urging him to vote to override Perdue’s veto of HB2, Spear turned a deaf ear to North Carolinians and saddled us with all the burdens, financial and otherwise, that are going to come with having to comply with this unconstitutional law.  Spear said YES to Perdue and Obama and NO to the folks he represents.

Spear had refused to tell his constituents his position right up until the last minute. Callers to his office were told (more…)

We’ve been had!  The Towns of Dare County are finding out the hard way that our representatives in the General Assembly, Mr. Tim Spear and former Senator Marc Basnight, cannot be trusted.  Spear sponsored the bill in the House and Basnight ushered through the bill in the Senate, which allowed for the controversial 1% occupancy tax increase but the bills were a far cry from the resolutions passed by the Dare County BOC and the Shoreline Management Commission, who supported the measure only under certain conditions.

At the request of the Dare County Board of Commissioners, Rep. Spear and Senator Basnight ushered through bills calling for an additional 1% occupancy tax in Dare County.  Spear’s bill, HB 1945, called for the tax to be used only for beach nourishment projects.  The Senate bill, SB 1298, which is the one that eventually passed, did the same.  On the contrary, the resolutions passed by the Dare County BOC and the Shoreline Management Commission (each Town has a Rep on the SMC), called for the funds to be available for any legal erosion control technique Outer Banks Voice is reporting that no one in any of the Towns became aware of this bait and switch until recently when Kitty Hawk tried to tap into the fund to remove a house on a public beach and was told that their request did not meet the legal requirements.

This leaves us (more…)