The new year has dawned and with the new year comes new infringements on our liberties and more of our money being flushed away, courtesy of our Democrat Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones.  Effective January 1st, light bulb makers can no longer sell 100 watt bulbs that do not meet the government’s arbitrary and capricious standards.  This ban is the result of a bill passed in 2007 called the Energy Security and Independence Act, a big-government bill supported by Walter Jones.  In addition to banning light bulbs, Walter voted to give away millions of taxpayer dollars for green-job training and solar energy research.

Oh, but wait, didn’t Walter vote to repeal the light bulb ban?  He tweeted that (more…)


Walter Jones’ campaign is having to dig deep to try and showcase their candidate’s former conservative credentials.  Recent Facebook posts labeled ‘From the Archives‘ show two photos of a young Walter Jones with conservative stalwart Senator Jesse Helms nearly 20 years ago.   That was then.  This is now.  Let’s get a little more current, shall we?

Cut and Run

“Cut and Run” Jones with progressive left-winger Dennis Kucinich. Jones voted for Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against Bush in 2008. Jones also voted numerous times with Kucinich and Pelosi to pull out of Iraq long before the job was done.

Support for Dodd-Frank

Jones voted for the the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Bill

Support for Obama Proposal

Jones supports Obama’s plan to spend even more money on infrastructure projects

Censure of Joe Wilson

Jones voted to censure Joe Wilson for shouting ‘You lie!’ during Obama’s State of the Union speech

Against Drilling

Sarah Palin was known during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her strong support for drilling, often telling the crowds to “Drill, Baby, Drill!”  Jones voted against drilling off the Atlantic coast and voted NO on a bill to lift Obama’ moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf.

No to Economic Prosperity

Jones voted against Paul Ryan’s budget, “The Path to Prosperity”

Let’s retire Walter Jones and elect someone who will be a real conservative leader, Frank Palombo

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Northeast North Carolina’s most prominent party switcher, Democrat  Republican Congressman Walter Jones told the Beaufort Observer this weekend in Greenville, that he plans to attend the party switch announcement of liberal Democrat Arthur Williams on October 18th.  With no backing from local party leaders, the political elite in Raleigh are hoping Jumpin’ Jones’ presence at the announcement will add credibility to Awful Arthur’s switch.

Much like the political landscape in 1994 that prompted Jones to switch parties, 2012 promises to be a monumental year for Republicans.  Awful Arthur wants to capitalize on the shifting political sands in much the same way Jumpin’ Jones did.  While he voted conservatively for a few years in the 1990, Jones no longer pretends to be conservative.  In 2010, (more…)

Democrat Republican Congressman Walter Jones has come out in support of a key part of President Obama’s so-called Jobs Bill.  In a September 16th interview, Jones voiced strong support for Obama’s proposal to spend billions more taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects.

From the Sept 16th interview:

Focusing on infrastructure and his thoughts on President Obama’s job plan, to put people back to work, repairing things like bridges, the congressman notes he would be willing to support investing in infrastructure:

“I do believe that if you have an investment of the tax payer’s money into infrastructure and nothing but infrastructure, I think that is what we should support because the American people can see the work being done on our road, our bridges, our water systems and things like that. Then when you can show the American people look how we’re spending your money and look how you benefit from the spendingThey buy into that.  I would.  You would.”

These remarks (more…)

In a recent interview, Walter Jones expressed support for a potential third-party presidential candidate in 2012 should any of the top tier Republican candidates get the nomination.

While third party challengers have only ever been spoilers, from Teddy Roosevelt to Ralph Nader to Ross Perot, Jones expressed hope that a well-known, well-funded person would mount an independent bid.

“I think that the environment, the atmosphere is gonna be conducive for a third party candidate if those who are leading the ticket Republican and Mr. Obama, if that’s gonna be the choices, I think that’s gonna be a third party person that’s probably already started talking to people.”

When asked if any Republican President wouldn’t change our trajectory significantly, Jones evaded the question. (more…)

The House voted on Friday to cut $60 billion out of this year’s budget. The vote passed with only three dissenting Republicans. Predictably, Walter Jones was one of those three.

News reports are not specific on why Jones voted against the will of the people. One reason may be Jones’ reported support for (more…)

Predictably, our politically transgendered Congressman, Walter Jones, has voted with the Democrats to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to only selective Americans, effectively raising taxes for everyone else. Three Republicans voted for it and twenty Democrats voted against it. Walter is bluer than the Blue-Dog Democrats!

The bill would extend the Bush-era tax cuts to people making less than $250,000. It will raise taxes on everyone else, including investors who will see a 30% increase (more…)