Obama is a man that keeps his promises.  Remember his promise that ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’ under his administration?  Well, here it comes.  Dominion is proposing a 20% increase in rates, the majority of which they say is needed due to their increased cost to comply with state and federal emission regulations.

While Obama did not get Cap & Trade passed, he has been implementing his plan to regulate CO2 (the air you exhale) by executive order.  Those plans are going to cost us billions.  Obama tells us himself that we will bear those costs and that we will just have to get used to it.

Dominion makes very clear the reason for the needed rate increase.  In their letter they state that one of the three reasons for the rate increase is (more…)


Don’t let the Dare Dems fool you into believing they are conservative

A picture is worth a thousand words

Warren Judge at Dem Rally supporting Obama

Dare County Commission Chairman Warren Judge at the Dare Democrats' 2012 Election Kickoff Banquet

Yes, they did fundamentally transform America

Bid on Obama Pic

Great stocking stuffer idea!

Facing a political future made bleak by redistricting, Representative Tim Spear will soon have to make a decision.  Will he choose to run in District 6, his present home district, against a popular Democrat?  Will he change his residency to Dare County and run in District 3, potentially challenging his close political allies in Dare County?  Or will he call it quits?  For now, Spear is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Spear’s home county of Washington has been thrown into House District 6, a District currently represented by Bill Cook of Beaufort County.  Cook is a freshman Republican Representative, having defeated Democratic incumbent Arthur Williams in 2010 by a margin of 53/47.  The new district is comprised of Beaufort, Washington and Craven Counties.  While the old District 6 leaned Republican, it was ranked R+2 on the North Carolina Partisan Index, the new District 6 may be actually lean a little Democratic.  This sets up a potentially interesting scenario on the Democratic side;  (more…)

The Dare County Board of Commissioners today rejected County Manager Outten’s proposal to ban smoking on all Dare County property.  The final vote was 3-4.  The motion to adopt the proposal was brought by Vice Chair Allen Burrus and seconded by Max Dutton  Commissioners voting for the ban were Chairman Warren Judge, Vice Chair Allen Burrus and Max Dutton.  Those opposed were Mike Johnson, Jack Shea, Richard Johnson and Virginia Tillett.  The highly controversial proposal would have banned smoking in all county cars and on all outdoor property owned, leased or occupied by Dare County.   Smoking is already banned inside County buildings.

Outer Banks Voice is reporting that the race for Marc Basnight’s Senate seat is heating up. According to OBV, Commissioners Judge and Tillett are interested as is former Chamber of Commerce President Paul Tine. Rep. Tim Spear’s name was mentioned but I’ve been told by a few insiders that (more…)

In response to a reader’s request to see the original emails, five of the relevant emails are posted below.  Not sure how well these images will post so there is a PDF link above each image.  You can also see the five emails (more…)

According to emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, ToD has learned that Senator Basnight is directing the efforts of local leaders as they seek to implement the plastic bag ban which goes into effect October 1st.  Basnight’s office has sent out detailed instructions as to what the Senator considers an acceptable paper bag program.  The cost of this program is going to come out of the pocket of the taxpayer, as usual.  (more…)