usa-birthday-bannerThe Colington Yacht Club, I’m told, voted not to host an Independence Day parade in the harbor this year. Patriotic sailors, boaters and kayakers, nonetheless, took to the water and showed their love for this great country and celebrated Independence Day, just as they do every year.  As we battle for our freedoms in this country from a tyrannical ruling class, we have to look no further than our own backyard to see an example of Americans pulling together to do what they do best, all without the hand of big brother telling them when, how and where to do it.

Rosie Hawthorne, of the local blog Kitchens are Monkey Business, shot some great video (below the fold)  and the other half of Truth or Dare provided the context.  Enjoy! (more…)


Do you want to do business with people who support this regime’s policies?  Me either.  Before I part with my money, I now ask small business owners if they support Obama and his policies.   Only those who support liberty will get my hard earned dollars.

Based on campaign contribution data from, here is a list of some of the local individuals and  small business owners who supported Obama with money in the 2008 election: (more…)